Canada Post Potential Postal Strike or Lockout

We would like to advise that there is a possibility of a Canada Post Strike or Lockout on September 26, 2018.  We do hope that all sides work through this and there is no work stoppage.

We at want to clarify how things will change should there be any sort of work stoppage and how they will effect any orders that choose Postal mail as their shipping option.  We only offer Postal mail for Shipping of Key orders UNDER 20 keys, so this will only effect a small amount of clients who choose this option.

Should there be a stoppage, this is what will happen.


  • We will remove and disable the option for ALL clients to be able to choose Postal Mail as a shipping method of orders, and all orders will default to our UPS Courier options only
  • We do encourage any clients to not use Postal Mail for orders leading up to this date, until a firm resolution has been agreed to. WILL NOT replace any orders, or give any credit to orders that have gotten caught up in the mail due to the potential strike or lockout.
  • Since does NOT use Canada Post for shipping of our parcels, this potential work stoppage will NOT effect our shipping of all items.  We do use UPS as our only courier option to our clients and we ensure that it will be business as usual.
  • If there is a stoppage, and when service resumes we will reassess whether will continue to offer postal service going forward.

We just hope that this doesn’t happen and wanted to give all of our clients fair warning.

Thank you for using and have a wonderful day.  We most certainly appreciate your business and support.

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