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This is a private page that we have created to effectively offer our mailbox key duplication program to any Canada Post facility in Canada.

We have found that many Canada Post Offices don’t have a fast means of getting additional mailbox keys for your mailbox locks that you recirculate after you have a change in client usage for your mailbox locks.  Some of you send your locks back to your warehouse depot, some of you just place the locks in a box inside your warehouse and forget about them and continue to order replacement new locks from your procurement team.

This is what we can offer:

We can offer you a single source convenient way of getting additional keys for those locks you need keys for.

You can send us any of your locks for your mailboxes to:

  • 1930 County Road 8
  • Bobcaygeon, Ontario
  • K0M 1A0
  • Canada

Please include with your shipment the name of your postal facility, return address, email and phone number for contact.

Our preferred method of contact is by email to as we are an internet based company.  When you email us an email Case Ticket will be created.  However, our phone number is 416-936-5804.  Please leave a message and someone will contact you back within 24 hours.

What we will do is go through the locks you send us and ensure that you end up with 3 keys for each lock.  If your lock has 2 keys we will make one additional duplicate key.  If your lock has 1 existing key, we will make 2 additional keys. Please don’t hesitate to send us locks with NO keys and we will cut the keys for the locks by code and treat it like a code key.  Each lock we will test and ensure that the keys work flawlessly in the lock and add a small amount of dry Graphite lubricant when needed to ensure the lock is smooth in operation.

When we receive your locks, we will complete the work within 1 business day and ship back to your facility. We will invoice you for what we actually after we ship your order.  There is no minimum, just send your locks as you have requirements.


Single sided duplicates will be $ 3.50 each, plus cost of blank

Double sided duplicates will be $5.75 each plus cost of blank

Return Shipping will be added to the order.  As we are a national customer with Canada Post, we will ship back to you via most economical Canada Post service.  We will then email you your tracking number so you will know your order is coming.

Taxes will be extra, and will vary depending on the Province that you are located in.

Why consider using this service?

  • We make it convenient
  • No need to take time out of your day to get keys duplicated.
  • We test all keys to ensure operation so no return trips to for keys that don’t work from another vendor.
  • We offer value for your money.
  • 1 day turnaround time in most cases.
  • We will invoice your branch or post office directly.
  • Keys duplicated by a Locksmith – More accuracy, better tuned equipment.
  • If you don’t want to pay for return shipping, you can either pick up your order, OR you can send us a Canada Post shipping label and we will add it to your shipment.
  • We maintain our equipment regularly to ensure properly cut keys.
  • This is an environmentally friendly way of recycling your mailbox locks and getting renewed use out of them.
  • No Minimum order, no commitment.
  • Government discount ONLY applies to product and not cut duplicate or code keys.  ALSO ONLY when orders placed through our website.

We would encourage you to pass this private page to your professional peers as an additional option to re-using your existing locks.

Some other product that we can offer.  For Canada Post, we will offer a 8% discount on all Mailbox locks.

Here are some locks that we can provide and will be adding more in the future. (Click on picture and the product page will open on a separate tab)




Please also note that we do carry other mailbox locks as well you can find them under our mailbox section of our website which can be found here.

There are many other ways we can be of service to Canada Post.  Please contact us to discuss any specific requirement that you may have.  Remember, we are also a code key shop and can provide many keys by computer code.  Unfortunately we do not provide any on site repair services for locks, but can provide many options working from our facility.

If you are wanting to order locks and receive the 8% discount, the order MUST to be placed through our secure website.  However there is a 1 time registration process that is no charge to do for us to set up the account.  Once the account is set up and you receive our confirmation of same, you can then place orders at will.

  1.  Please visit and in the top right corner there is a login link, please follow it and create a user account.  Once you log in, as passwords are automatically generated please immediately change your password.
  2.  Please email and advise that you are with Canada Post and want our Government program added to your account.
  3.  We will then add our Government program to your account.
  4.  We will also add our “Invoice Me” billing function to your account (if requested, but if you are just processing orders for keys it will probably be more efficient to use your corporate card, but you decide) .  When we do this, you can place your order online and choose this option on your order and your order will be processed and bypass our credit card screen.  We will invoice you within about 24-48 hours after your order ships.
  5.  We will notify you that the settings have been added to your account.
  6. We are listed as vendor in Canada Posts Database , should you choose to be invoiced.
  7.  Now you can place your orders at will.  Just log into your account.

To read about our Government account program, please click here.

or feel free to copy this direct page and pass it to other peers who would use our service:


We look forward to being of service and becoming a valued business partner with Canada Post.