Can’t Find That Specific Key/Code?

Can’t Find That Specific Key/Code?

Are you having trouble finding that specific key or lock code? We will do our best to help.

On the top page of there is a search field and please free to enter in a lock code to see if you can find it on our online data base.

If you are still having issues, please send us a clear picture of the front of the lock AND the lock number to

Please also remember that when searching for replacement keys you need to know BOTH the application or manufacturers name AS WELL as the key number stamped on the face of the lock. When in doubt email us FIRST!

We will check our database and see if we can help you with your requirement. We do have over 2 Billion lock codes in our software databases, so if there is a specific code you want and can’t find it, and we have it we will upload it to our site to allow for online ordering.

We try to help the best we can and look forward to hearing from you.

Please also remember if there is a product or product(s) that you don’t see from ANY of our suppliers and want us to stock it, please let us know.

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