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Order Pick Up

We now have an order Pick Up option for those clients in Ontario, who are near us. We can assume that this option will be convenient for clients who are in the Kawartha Lakes region as our office is in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

For full information on our Pick Up option, please visit:

We are making it easy to order the way YOU want!

Feel free to choose the Free pick up option in the shopping cart if you are in Ontario and want to pick up your order.

Thank you for your business and ongoing support, it is truly appreciated!

Who we represent!

We would like to take a moment to provide you, our clients an updated listing of the vendors that regularly represents.

Currently we represent the following fine product manufacturers and links to their respective websites:

Capitol Industries                                      

Chicago Lock Company                            

CompX Security Products                       

Cyber Lock Company

ESP Lock Company                                    


Fort Lock                                                     

HPC Inc                                                       

Hudson Lock Company                            

JMA USA                                                     

Kaba ILCO                                                  

Lowe and Fletcher Lock                         

Lucky Line Products                             

MicroIQ Lock                                         

National Lock Company                       

Timberline Lock Company                  

Wesko Lock Company                          

If there is something you are looking for specifically from any of our above business partners and don’t find it listed on our website, please let us know and we would be glad to provide you a quotation for what you need and order it in for you.

Please also note that if there is a specific product from any one of our suppliers that you would also like for us to stock, please let us know and we will make it happen for your ordering convenience!

We can always be contacted by email at and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help or advice.

As always, we are the best way to obtain replacement keys for office furniture.

We always thank you and appreciate your continued business and support.  We look forward to offering quality products and offering great customer service.


ILCO NHL Team Keys

Hey, you like your NHL Hockey Team? If so, why don’t you consider purchasing one of our ILCO NHL Team keys. We currently stock 17 different NHL Team keys in Keyways (KW, WR5 and SC1).

You can always find our ILCO Team Keys, under our Key Blank Section, listed under NHL Keys.  Or you can search for your favourite team using our search function at the top right of every page on

If you purchase in quantity, you are able to obtain additional savings. 

We carry the following NHL Teams key blanks in each of the 3 available key ways.  KW1, WR5, and SC1.

Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

Chicago Blackhawks

Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers

LA Kings

Los Vegas Golden Knights

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Winnipeg Jets

Thank you for your continued business and support.  Should you have any questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. We can always be reached for inquiries at

Black Friday 2019 is offering an additional 10% discount for Black Friday, on orders over $400.00, on items in the following categories on our website.

Abus Padlocks

Guard Padlocks

ILCO Look Alike Remotes

ILCO Look Alike Shells

Key Machines

Key Machine Parts


Sale ends December 1, 2019.

Please use coupon code “BlackFriday2019” upon check out!

Canadian Thanksgiving 2019 is wishing all of our Canadian Clients, Business Partners, Associates and Vendors, a safe, fun and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

We thank you for all of your ongoing business and support, we really do appreciate it.

Our offices will be closed on Monday, October 14th, 2019. However, our website is available and orders will be processed the following business day.

We will see you all next week!


Real Estate Service Providers – we can be a valuable resource for you!

Are you a Real Estate Provider, facility professional, that manage multiple facilities for your clients?  We want to keep you informed on our services and how we can help you.  Are you with Brookfield GIS, CBRE, JLL, and Sodexo, C&W, or any other Facility Management team for that matter?  If so, please have a read. We have worked with all of you in one way or another. On specific client accounts.  So why not consider our service for some of your other client portfolios.

With JLL, we are registered and can be found on their Corrigo network.

As you are aware, and we can prove that we are the best most efficient means of providing for the routine replacement keys of office furniture.  All standard requests for code keys for ANY of the major manufacturers of office furniture will ship the following business day, no matter the quantity…GUARANTEED!  We are also able to create a custom service program to fit both yours and your client requirements.  You can consider us as your very own internal code key lock shop.   We are able to support and create national programs both within Canada and the United States.  Are you looking to look better for your client and put a program together that will make you look like an angel for your client?  We would certainly love to partner with you as we have the answer!.. is able to quickly modify any of our service policies to suit any of your requirements.  We can guarantee cost savings and value immediately.

We do know that some of you have your own service technicians.  We are most certainly able to fully support their requirements and work with them.  In some cases they already use us by purchasing with their corporate purchasing cards. does not provide on-site repair service of any kind, and can be a great resource for your service technicians.  Whether it be to help them with advice, or help in diagnosing a problem to supplying the replacement lock cores and providing them with cut code keys to help them complete their service request quickly and efficiently.   Provide your techs with our contact information and we would be glad to be of service.  You will find that they will appreciate our service.  They can contact us at 416-936-5804, or  Your technicians can always search our website to look for Office Furniture Lock service parts that are available for quick purchase.  We are more than just replacement keys for Office Furniture, we can provide for Padlocks, Key Blanks, Key Machines, Key Cabinets, Electronic furniture locks, and Key accessories.  We are distributors for some great product manufacturers. Like CompX,  Chicago Lock, National Lock, Timberline Lock, Fort Lock, Hudson Lock, HPC, Kaba ILCO, MicroIQ, Wesko Lock, Lowe and Fletcher, Cyber Lock, JMA USA, and Capitol Industries to name a few.

We do also know that some of your technicians have the ability to duplicate their own keys.  We are able to supply them with the uncut key blanks that they require that will help them get the job finished.  For those of you that are pondering doing it yourself, we do strongly say that you may think it is a cost savings, and we can prove to you that it isn’t when you look at the overall costs.  Feel free to contact us and we will show you why doing it yourself actually costs more, but if you are determined to do it yourself, we can supply you with the key machines (Ilco, or HPC), and or key blanks you require as we are an ILCO Distributor so we know we can provide the best pricing for you. If there is a specific ILCO key blank that you don’t see shown on our site, and you would like us to stock it for your convenience please let us know and we will gladly bring it in and make it available on

Why pay for outside vendors to cut replacement furniture keys? Your outside Vendors charge you their labour charge in addition to the cut key costs. We can guarantee quick turnaround times and this is all we do, so we are very efficient at it. Your outside vendors do on site service and can’t concentrate solely on facilitating these requests efficiently as they have other priorities like being on site for your repairs.  We guarantee your orders will ship the following business day.  100% guarantee for replacement keys for any of the major manufacturers products.  We excel in our specialized service.  We generally complete requests for keys within hours of us receiving the order.  Our pricing for keys INCLUDE labour, and packaging and administrative costs.  We even have some great suggestions on how to save even further on shipping costs when controlled on a national basis.  Talk to us and we can tell you what we have done for others.

Please give us a call and let us know how we can create an ongoing mutually beneficial business partnership together.  Let us know how maybe we can set up a trial program for a couple of select locations in order for you to try our service and we can prove our value to you.  We make the annoying issue of replacement keys…. CONVENIENT.!!!

We are a busy shop which shows that we are doing things right! We are continually offering more product and new services and look forward to partnering with you.

If you are located in the United States that isn’t a problem, 50% of our clients are in the United States!…We have great shipping rates from UPS for your convenience. AND you also get to pay in CANADIAN dollars! for extra savings!

We are adding content daily to our site.

When you look at the value we bring to the table, hands down you can’t beat what we can offer you. Let’s talk!

Give us a try you can’t lose.  For those of you who already use our services, we do appreciate referrals to other departments and peers!

The best way to reach us is by email at … lets talk!

How can we earn your business?  For those of you who already use our services, we thank you very much for your ongoing business and support!


Pricing Programs

Did you know that has special additional pricing programs for certain client groups? We do!

If you are part of any of these client groups:

  • Government
    • Includes
    • Federal, Provincial, State Agencies
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Police, Fire and Ambulance
    • Healthcare
  • Locksmiths
  • Office Furniture Dealers
  • Office Furniture Repair and Service Companies
  • Millwork and Custom Cabinet Companies
  • Automotive Parts Stores and Resellers
  • Large Corporate End Users

Please contact us for more information on what we can offer you. We would enjoy telling you about our applicable program in detail. We most certainly would love to partner with you and become your supplier of choice as we always look to earn your business.

We can always be reached at

Tell us how we can earn your business!


Labour Day Closure

Hope everyone has had a fabulous summer. This weekend is the last long weekend before summer ends and kids go back to school.

Our offices will be Closed on Monday September 2, 2019 for the Labour Day Holiday.

Our offices will re-open first thing Tuesday September 3, 2019 and we will get to what we do best…. cutting your keys!

Please have a safe and fun long weekend.

Thank you as always for your ongoing business and support!

What’s new @

Just wanted to take a moment to post some of what is new @, from site features, to content, as at August 2019.

Recently we have added a whole new Automotive section on our website. You can find this section “Automotive” under the main product category list on the left side of your page. When you click on the “+” to the right of the category name there will be a series of sub categories to look under and better organize the content.

In our Automotive section, you will find Automotive Transponders, Automotive Transponder Keys, ILCO Look Alike Vehicle Remotes, ILCO Look Alike Remote Head Keys. As this is a new section, we are adding content daily, so please check back often. Currently there are a lot of new Automotive products being added from KABA ILCO, so look for them.

As we update our Automotive section, our site search capabilities have increased, so now for example you can search by vehicle manufacturer and it will show the items that are identified as such. So try searching, Ford, Chrysler, etc.

We have ramped up by adding more content than ever before in all categories from all of our valued suppliers. We just want to mention that if there is a specific product you are looking for from any of our suppliers that isn’t listed on our website, we are most certainly able to order it in for you. We would treat it as a special order and add it to our next stocking order with that supplier. Also, if there is a specific product that you would regularly order and would like it to be a stocked item for your convenience, please let us know and we would be glad to make it available for quicker shipping to you.

Over the summer, we have pretty much updated all of our site back end processes, searches and infrastructure, so you will find that our site is responding faster and with new options.

We have also been looking at our shipping costs and we have slightly lowered our shipping rates to make it more attractive for you. Canada Post and United Parcel Service, are both FULLY integrated within our website to offer the most convenience in the shipping of our products. Once you add your shipping address to the shopping cart, your shipping rates and options will then appear from both carriers and you can choose the rate and option that you prefer.

Some of you may have noticed that we have automated our shopping cart as well, for abandonment reminders. So you will see reminders if you have left something in the shopping cart and not ordered. These are just friendly reminders.

We also have automated our welcome emails. So, if any client is added to any one of our membership programs, a welcome email is sent depending on the program and it is a 1 time email with specifics on the program that you have been added to.

We also are reviewing our pricing on most products and many items have had their retail pricing reduced. We are always looking at ways to be able to offer value to our clients including pricing.

In our code key section, if there is a specific lock code that you are looking for keys and don’t find it, please contact us and if we have access to the blank and cutting information, we would be more than happy to add this code series to our site database, for your ordering convenience.

This year, we did implement a new customer support email address, and we highly encourage ALL clients to contact us there. When you email there, a case is automatically created for us to be able to better service the request.

We do anticipate a very busy fall season this year with all of our improvements, and want to take a moment to thank you our client for all the support you have given us over the years. It is very appreciated as we continue to grow our company.

Please check our site often for updates and new products and of course we appreciate any referrals you can provide. Our main service area is North America, (Canada and the United States), and yes we can handle clients from 1 person, to national clients.