Currency Exchange

Hello Valued Client,

We have created this page in order to answer some most commonly asked questions that are generally asked often by our clients from the United States,  as it relates to the differences in Currency exchange rates and we will try to answer questions that you may have.  We may have directed you to this page to help provide more information for you if you have asked a related question.  After all 50% of our customers are from the United States.  We thank you for your support!

Typically Asked Questions.

What currency does bill in?

– is a Canadian Company.  ALL pricing on our website is shown in Canadian Dollars.  However, on all product pages we do show an American Dollar equivalent for comparison purposes only.  We show the American Dollar equivalent to make it more convenient to compare.  All transactions ultimately will settle in Canadian Dollars.  We do refer and mention this on every product page on our website

Please also note that where you see a Canadian Price AND a US Dollar Price, the price is EXACTLY the same just shown in 2 different currencies.

I am a United States Client. Can you bill in US Dollars?

– No, as a Canadian Company we can only bill and conduct transactions in Canadian Dollars. We are unable to bill in US Dollars.

I am a United States Customer trying to place an order and getting a decline and I know my card is valid.

– While 50% of our clients are in the United States, sometimes the card you are using is restricted from doing international transactions.  This is an EASY fix.  Just call your credit card company to allow you to make international transactions on your card.  This will fix this and your transactions will then approve.  Not all cards are restricted, just ask your card company.

I am a United States Client.  What happens when I check out and pay in Canadian Dollars?

– When you get to the final shopping cart page on our website, the final order total is in Canadian Dollars.  We are a Canadian company and this is just they way it is and we cannot change that.  When you pay for your order whether by Credit Card or PayPal, the financial institution will automatically convert our Canadian Dollar Total Purchase to US Dollars.  The US dollar amount is what you will see on your Credit Card Statement.  When you are submitting  our invoices to your accounting department, you just need to advise them that the Transaction/Invoice is in Canadian dollars and your accounting team will understand.  On your credit card statement  it will also show that whatever Canadian dollar total (which will match your order) was used and what currency exchange rate was used to determine the US dollar equivalent posted on your statement.

Can we send you a revised invoice in US Dollars.?

No, unfortunately we can’t.  We are not able to modify invoices from Canadian Dollars to US Dollars.

I have received my Credit Card Statement and the amount differs from my order:

– As we are a Canadian Company all transactions will settle in Canadian Dollars, and all order notifications on are also always in Canadian Dollars.  If you are a US client, what happens, is that our Canadian dollar order total is automatically converted by your credit card company to US Dollars.  

For Example, (numbers used are as a reference.) Lets say your order was $100.00 Canadian Dollars and you used a Credit Card for Payment.  When you look at your statement your Credit Card Statement shows only a charge of $75.00 USD from  If you look closer at your statement, you will find in smaller print under the main transaction that says something to the effect of $100.00 Canadian Dollars converted at (x) exchange rate = $75.00 USD.  In this example $100 Canadian Dollars AND $75.00 US dollars are EXACTLY the same amount, just shown in different currencies.  The US dollar is stronger than ours that is why your US Dollar equivalent will be less than the Canadian amount.  US Dollar exchange fluctuates consistently throughout the day.

I have received a bank transaction receipt and it is in Canadian Dollars.  Can it be adjusted to show the US Dollar.?

-No this is not possible.  As a secure website all credit card transaction receipts are processed directly from the financial institution (Bank).  All amounts will always show in Canadian dollars.  Please also refer to the above question.

I have received a charge on my credit card statement “Credit Card Transaction fee” Or “International Transaction Fee”  What is this and why was it charged?

– This is a fee that is charged by SOME credit card companies for the privilege of using their credit card outside of the United States for international Transactions.  This is NOT a charge from  In order to avoid this charge, is to either use a Credit Card that does NOT charge this fee, or use PayPal.  Please contact your Credit Card company to verify if they charge this fee or not, or if it can be waived.

I have forwarded invoice and am concerned that my accounting department will not accept due to a different amount being shown.

-Make sure when you file or reconcile your paperwork with your accounting department you advise them that our invoice is a Canadian Dollar invoice.  They will totally understand.

If you have any further questions, after reading this page please feel free to email us your specific question to and we will more than happy be able to answer something more specific to your transaction. Please include your order number so we can reference it.