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HELP is always here to help you where we can. Should you need help or have questions about our site or to make an order and would like to talk to a representative, please email us directly at or phone us at 416-936-5804 and we will have someone contact you directly to answer any of your questions promptly within 24 business hours.  We do prefer email for correspondence, however if you call and get voicemail it just means we are busy cutting someone’s keys in our workshop and we will reply promptly to your voicemail!


Each and every lock core is engraved/stamped or marked with a unique alphanumeric or numeric code. has access to the manufacturers lock codes and allows us to cut and provide the keys you require based on the information that you provide us. All keys that we cut are stamped with the proper lock code for easy reference.

At, our keys are guaranteed to work in the lock that they were intended cut for. However, we are not responsible if you have provided us the wrong information about the lock, or use, or manufacturer or code. Should you have any questions, please contact us for clarification and direction as we are always here to help. does not guarantee against any existing lock or mechanical defect, including worn lock cores and cylinders on the furniture you are ordering keys from.  At the end of the day the FINAL responsibility relies with the Client who enters the order.  Even if we have tried to help.  We do this to the best of our ability, but if we don’t guarantee that the information you have provided us is accurate.  Sometimes when lock numbers are only numerical and you don’t provide a manufacturers association, we have simply provided our suggested application.  Ultimately you have to agree to this and you are placing the order.  Code keys are just that, keys cut bu code and are considered custom product.  Code Keys are NON-Refundable for ANY reason!

Please also consider that when reading the number that the lock turns and you may be viewing the lock number upside down, so please be careful.

Sometimes key numbers get worn down, or are hard to read. We recommend using a magnifying glass, or a flashlight to get a better view of the lock number. If that doesn’t help, we may suggest rubbing the face of the lock with baby powder if it is a black core to highlight the number.  Another option is to put some liquid paper on the lock and while it is still wet, wipe off the excess and the lock number should be easier to read as well.


Common lock problems are due to the fact that the cabinet/desk pedestal was not levelled in place and is not aligned properly. You must ensure that the cabinet is properly square for everything to work correctly and as intended.

Another problem people have especially after they move is that for example a lateral cabinet doesn’t lock afterwards. Sometimes, people relocate the cabinet fully loaded and the weight of the cabinet bends the bottom of the cabinet upwards from the improper use of a furniture dolly which makes the bottom drawer not being able to be closed 100% and thus effecting the proper alignment of the locking hardware.

Maybe your lock has a broken key in it? can provide you with a special tool to help remove broken keys yourself.


If you are looking for something specific, or there is an item you would like for us to carry, or a lock code series that you want listed to be able to order,  please drop us an email to and we will see what we can do to help and make your item/product available for you through


For all information for our shipping policies – Click Here!


Yes, we love to serve Government Agencies.  We can become your next best friend.  We can offer you a great way to get replacement keys for any department that you have that has this requirement.  We can offer you the ability to expense using your Corporate Purchasing card (Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express/ Discover and PayPal).  Our site is FULLY secure.  However, we do know that some Government agencies don’t feel comfortable in using their purchasing cards online (however this is the way of the future).  We most certainly do have a solution.  We can set up an account for you and that you can still use our site for your requirements that will bypass the credit card payment screen to allow you to place your order and we can generate a proper invoice to you.  We do encourage you to contact us at to hear about all of our choices to make it easier to do business with us.  Or you can just place an order through our site and choose “call me for credit card information” and we will gladly call you to obtain and your card information to process your order.  We will take the headache away for getting replacement keys and we will go out of our way to remove any red tape to do business with us.  Yes, we are able to do customized programs for your agency.  With that being said, as technology evolves and more companies do business online you have the comfort that our site is fully secure.  When you do pay for purchases through our site with your Purchasing card, we never get a copy of your card information and you will automatically receive the credit card transaction receipt with authorization number directly from the financial institution who processes our transactions.  Please also contact us at our main email address and we will provide you with a private page link to a page on our site that outlines what programs we offer for Government agencies.


Yes we do offer discounts on replacement keys for Office Furniture Dealers, Office Furniture Refurbishers, Office Furniture Repair and Installation Companies, Office Furniture Agents and Locksmiths.  We would ask for you to create a user account on our website (no charge) and then contacting us by email at and one of our dealer representatives will call you back with more pertinent information regarding our dealer program that we offer and how it would benefit you.  We will also email you a direct private page link on our website that describes our discount program in detail.


Please understand that all of our processes are automated here at,  and that we heavily rely on our automated web processes to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of processing orders.  We do not and will not accept spreadsheets of key numbers to process regardless of quantity.  All orders for replacement code keys MUST be placed through our website. – No Exception!  Our website was designed to be efficient to place orders and it works!


Our Physical inventory is NOT tied to our website.  Items on our website we do try and maintain inventory of to the best of our ability.  Should you want to verify “in stock” inventory, please send us an email PRIOR to an order being entered as orders are NON Cancellable. – Even if they back order.

Back Orders:

As the internet is a vast place and we most certainly try and maintain product for our clients.   However, there are times when a client orders more product than what is in stock as sometimes certain products receive high orders out of the blue.  When this happens, we will automatically back order the additional product that you have ordered.  All of our suppliers have short lead times and the order will be filled as soon as inventory replenishes.

We do not notify of a back order if the order is expected to ship in under 90 days.  We do monitor our back orders and try to expedite as fast as possible.  If we see an order with multiple products and an item is not in stock, we will ship what we have and then we will ship the balance of the product when the product comes in at no additional charge.  We as you don’t like to have back orders and we contact the manufacturers often to follow up. – Back orders are not an option for order cancellation.  All suppliers have some sort delays in their product lines and supply chain issues and if you want to confirm “in stock” status, please email us PRIOR to an order being entered, and we would be gladly be able to advise you of exact stock on hand and provide any more insight on the specific product you are interested in.

Claims for lost shipments!

All claims for lost shipments MUST be made within 14 days from day of shipment – No exceptions and this applies to trackable shipments. After 14 days claims cannot be made for any reason. We will be happy to open a ticket with Canada Post if your shipment hasn’t arrived on time or there is an issue.

Claims for shipments sent via “Oversize Mail” are not accepted as there is a disclaimer at time of order.


Canadian Orders HST/GST , and Provincial Sales tax will be added to invoices where applicable, or QST if you are in Quebec.  If you are exempt from the Provincial portion, you will need to provide us with the appropriate documentation for confirmation and our files and we will update your account to reflect the exemption.  You need to inform us of an exemption BEFORE an order is entered, and it must be approved by us.  It is YOUR responsibility to have your account configured for Tax Exemption.  If you have placed an order and do qualify for an exemption, we will gladly help you configure your account so that your exemption become active on your account.  We will NOT credit/refund any taxes we have charged on a prior order.  You just need to make your claim on your OWN paperwork.  If you placed your order and knew you were tax exempt you would have known at time of order as the taxes would have shown in the shopping cart for you to approve.  Again, we do NOT arbitrarily provide an exemption.  – YOU MUST REQUEST IT.

United States Orders are not subject to our HST tax and we will bill only for product and shipping as we consider this as an out of country shipment.  When you change your order to ship to a United States address all Canadian Taxes will be removed from the shopping cart.

Accepted Payments

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Union Pay Credit Cards, as well as PayPal as secure methods of payments of products on our website.  For some clients we can offer direct deposit to us and customized billing.  Our website is 100% Secure.

To our American Clients, if you happen to try and process an order and you get a declined reason of “Transaction not allowed” this is NOT a problem with your card.  It is the fact that the credit card that you chose to use is NOT Authorized to purchase internationally.  You can correct this easily by calling your Card Company and asking them to allow your card to have international transactions allowed.  Then once this is done you can return back and place your order with the same card and it will then be approved.  If by chance you don’t want to call your financial institution, you can always not pay by credit card and use PayPal as an alternate.

Quotations does not provide written quotations for orders of keys that are available to on our website. All pricing for keys is clearly shown on our website. If you need help finding a specific key please email us at Do do a quote, please add the item(s) to the shopping cart and proceed to the final checkout page and take a screenshot of the cart and this will work as an accurate quotation.


All pricing listed on our website is always in Canadian Dollars.  However, on most product pages we do show the American dollar equivalent to our Canadian Price for comparison purposes.  However, all orders are settled in Canadian Dollars upon check out.!  We have created a page of some common questions that are asked by our US clients regarding Currency Exchange.

RETURN POLICY guarantees all keys to work in the lock intended. However, it is the customers responsibility to order the correct key series and know the Manufacturer of the lock or furniture name for the intended application.  If the wrong key series or manufacturer reference is incorrect or incorrectly ordered.  We cannot be responsible for your mistake.  We cut each and every key by code to your specific order on a computerized code cutting machine, so this is considered custom product.  If for some reason your key does NOT work and we agree to a return, you may return keys purchased from, for a Credit or a replacement, provided that our procedures and requirements referred to in our return policy are followed.  However, any shipping costs charged will never be refunded AS this service was already provided.  It is the customers responsibility and expense to send any approved orders back and must strictly follow the instructions or will be denied. However, we will always try to correct any issue first and figure out the issue.  We will not automatically issue a credit. We do not offer refunds. Any credit if approved will be in the form of a credit towards a future order we do not issue cash refunds. We will inform the client as to what information we will need so we can verify the lock and key application, usually by requesting a digital picture of the front of the lock so we can (A) verify that the key number is correct, and (B) to verify that the keys ordered match the manufacturer of the lock.  All returns require a return authorization number (RA#). An RA# must be issued within 10 calendar days after the date of shipment; it will be valid for 10 calendar days after it is issued. We will only refund the value of the merchandise returned, not the shipping charge. We reserve the right to assess a 40% re-stocking fee for returned merchandise for reasons other than manufacturing defect. never accepts code keys for return as these are considered custom product!  For example if a client orders a key number 125 for a Pundra lock and we find that from the picture that it should have been ordered as 125 Lowe and Fletcher… this isn’t a defect.  Please contact us at to receive your RA# before sending your merchandise back. Any merchandise returned to us without an RA# will be refused.  Refunds if due will only be applied/credited when the product is returned.  We will not accept return shipment fees for any reason anytime.  If you have ordered the wrong keys, unfortunately they are un-returnable as we cut each key to order as required.  If you are unsure about the type of key required, please either call us at 416-936-5804 or email us at and we will help you figure out the key you require so you can be confident in placing your order.  If a client is entitled to a credit, we will issue a coupon code to be used against a future order.  Company policy is that does not issue cash refunds. does not guarantee against old or worn locks and mechanical defects on the cabinet itself.  Any claims for key orders that don’t work MUST be claimed  and advised in writing within 15 days of order placement. – No Exceptions.

For returns of product ordered incorrectly.  Generally parts ordered are non-returnable.  All products clearly show the picture of the item and description of what it is.  If you don’t know what you are ordering, please contact our office PRIOR to placing and order and we will most certainly help you with your specific application.  If the part is defective we will certainly provide a replacement provided you return the defective part to us and we will advise on how to return the defective part.  If we agree to accept a return of an incorrectly ordered part it would be subject to a 50% restocking fee to cover our administrative costs to process the transaction and update our inventory. The restocking fee is based on product only.  Any shipping costs are considered to be already completed. Also we do not offer refunds, we will issue a coupon code for the value of the credit to be available to be used on a future order at  Coupon credits can only be used against product on future orders and not shipping.  Returns on approved products will only be accepted if they are UNOPENED in the ORIGINAL packaging and previously approved by our office.  We will not accept any chargeback for shipping any product back to us.  You need to follow exactly the return procedure.  To our American clients, DO NOT courier parts back to us.  If you do, we will get charged brokerage fees and thus will negate any credits.  We will provide complete instructions on the proper way to return.

Electrical Components, Computer Components, Remotes and Remote Head Keys are NON-Returnable.

If we have approved a warranty claim, or a return authorization.  It is always the clients responsibility for return shipping to will not send return shipping labels, or cover any associated cost with return shipping.  Shipping costs are always the cost of the client – either way… shipping or returns.  If you are shipping something to us for warranty or fixing, it is your responsibility to get the item(s) here and follow any instructions that we have provided.

Special Order Product.  This is product that we have specifically ordered for you from any one of our suppliers.  Special order products are paid at time of order and are NON-Returnable for ANY reason.  This product would have been ordered specifically for you!


If any credit has been approved by, the credit will ALWAYS be issued in the format of a coupon issued, to be used towards a future order on does NOT provide refunds in the form of Cash.  Shipping costs are NEVER refunded.  It is also the clients responsibility if credits are issued that return shipping is the clients responsibility.

Also if a client has ordered and has decided to have a locksmith come in and do the keys for the efficiencies , that is fine, but your order cannot be refunded or cancelled in this case.


Yes we are able to provide for requests for Master keys for ANY of the major manufacturers products, as well as some other applications.  We are also to provide some specialty combination change keys for dial and combination applications.  However with that being said, we do not list these items on our website for the general public access for security reasons.  There is a reason as to why the lock manufacturers have individual (primary) keys for their locking systems.  If you just require a key to operate the lock in question, please order the specific key number and you can find it on our site as available.  We will only sell these keys on a case by case basis to either a service company, service personnel, but only once we have reviewed the request.  We may request a letter from the owner of the product you are servicing.   Should you want to inquire, please send us an email direct to and we will see what we can do to facilitate your request.   After all we are here to help with the one stop servicing of Office Furniture, Fire Proof cabinets, and some safes.  Master Keys and Core removal keys are NON-returnable!


Orders placed on are NON-Cancellable for ANY reason.  Should you have any questions regarding anything, please contact our office PRIOR to placing the order.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have chosen the correct shipping method.  You need to confirm your shipping method 3 times before you check out, so please review.  We also clearly state right beside the “Place Order” button that orders are NON Cancellable.  You ALSO have to agree to our terms and conditions of sale which are clearly shown on our FAQ’s page.  IF we happen to have agreed to cancel an order, credits will only be issued in the form of a coupon code to be applied to a future purchase. does not do cash refunds.  There are costs to us for this, labour, bank fees to process credits, etc. Orders are Non-Cancellable for special ordered, or back ordered products regardless of reason, INLUDING order delays and back orders from suppliers due to Covid 19 supply issues! Some specialty lock codes can take extended lead times depending on the blank used to cut them.

By placing an order on, you have expressly agreed to our terms and conditions of sale.


E-Mail and Mailing List Privacy— always respects your privacy. We will only use your e-mail address only when we are confirming your order, or notifying you of changes/updates to the our site site or other news about us and the products that we carry. You can always opt out of our newsletter should you so decide.  We will assure you, that we do not make our email list or mailing list available to other companies for any reason other than to service your request.