July 2019 Product Sale

Until July 31, 2019 we are running the following promotional discounts on the following products.

5% On CompX products (Includes CompX Chicago, CompX National, Compx Timberline)

5% on HPC Pick Sets

5% on HPC CE-6000 Cylinder Eater

5% on ILCO Automotive Products in the following categories

  • ILCO Look Alike Remotes
  • ILCO Look Alike Shells
  • ILCO Transponder Keys
  • ILCO Transponders
  • ILCO Smart4Car Remotes and Blades

5% on ILCO NHL Team keys.

5% on Mailbox locks in our Mailbox lock section.

Please use coupon code “july2019” to receive your additional 5% savings. This is only available to these items and orders must be placed on OfficeKeys.ca

Have a great summer! Thank you for your ongoing business and support as it is very much appreciated!

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