Kaba ILCO Price Surcharge

Kaba ILCO Price Surcharge

We were notified by ILCO that despite their recent price increase on May 17, 2021 that they will be implementing another temporary price/product surcharge of 7.5 % on ALL Products. This will take effect July 1, 2021 and be in effect until December 31, 2021. (6 Months)

We were advised that the surcharge does NOT effect their electronic offerings, like Key Machine Software, Advanced Diagnostics software and Tokens.

We were advised that the reason for this surcharge is:

  • Due to the rapid rise of the value of Copper
  • Due to additional Market pressures
  • Due to Federal Manufacturing Wage Index Pressures

While we understand the need to control costs and know that clients need to work with some stability and the fact that this is a temporary surcharge by ILCO. OfficeKeys.ca has decided to show this surcharge as a separate line item on ALL effected products on our website. We do know that we appreciate your business and value our relationship and hope to be your ILCO Distributor of choice. As with this cost, we are unable to absorb it as we try to keep our pricing competitive right from the get go. We have decided that OfficeKeys.ca will absorb 20% of the additional surcharge in our product pricing. So effective July 1, 2021 you will see that we will only implement a 6% surcharge. This charge will be clearly shown on our product pages. If ILCO decides to change up or down this surcharge due to market conditions, we will do so in stride!

With this being said, we do encourage you to place any orders you may have prior to June 30, 2021 in order to avoid the implementation of the new surcharge. OfficeKeys.ca sincerely hopes that market conditions do change for the better and that this additional fee can mitigate itself.

We do thank you for your ongoing business and support as our business relationship is very important to us. If you haven’t tried OfficeKeys.ca, please contact us and give us a try. We are a smaller distributor with the focus of earning your business and growing ours!

If there is an ILCO product that you don’t see on OfficeKeys.ca and you would like us to make it available to you, please let us know and we can most certainly make it available. We add new product and content to our site daily so please visit often.

We also highly encourage you to sign up to our newsletter. We send an email daily to our client base of new products, existing products, and surprise discount codes and coupons.

We can always be reached at support@officekeys.ca for any product or related questions.

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