Leasing is available.

We would like to now mention that Leasing is now available for larger priced asset purchases like Key Machines from OfficeKeys.ca

OfficeKeys.ca does NOT provide leasing services, however if you would like to consider leasing an option for items purchased from OfficeKeys.ca you can directly contact this leasing company.  We do not have a financial interest on the lease as we have asked for clients to be provided the best possible rate at all times.

In order for you to be able to get the best lease rate possible, please contact the following company for any inquiries regarding Leasing:


Mayo & Associates

Contact: Nadine Harding

Phone: 416-292-6090

Email: nharding@mayo-associates.com

Website: http://www.mayo-associates.com/


We at OfficeKeys.ca want to make it convenient for clients to purchase and support us.

Thank you for your ongoing business and support.

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