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March Break Coupon Code

For this week only ending Sunday March 19, 2018. is offering a BONUS 10% discount using coupon code “March Break 2018” on the following products


All Capitol Industries Items

All CompX Timberline Items

All Lucky Line Products

All Mailbox Locks

All items in our Tool category!


This bonus discount is IN ADDITION and over and above any quantity discounts, or any discount programs that we offer.

This discount is ONLY available to clients who use the above coupon code!

We thank you for your business and ongoing support!

Real Estate Service Providers – we can be a valuable resource!

Are you a Real Estate Provider, facility professional, that manage multiple facilities for your clients?  We want to keep you informed on our services and how we can help you.  Are you with Brookfield GIS, CBRE, JLL, and Sodexo or any other Facility Management team for that matter?  If so, please have a read. We have worked with all of you in one way or another. On specific client accounts.  So why not consider our service for some of your other client portfolios.

As you are aware, and we can prove that we are the best most efficient means of providing for the routine replacement keys of office furniture.  All standard requests for code keys for ANY of the major manufacturers of office furniture will ship the following business day, no matter the quantity…GUARANTEED!  We are also able to create a custom service program to fit both yours and your client requirements.  You can consider us as your very own internal code key lock shop.   We are able to support and create national programs both within Canada and the United States.  Are you looking to look better for your client and put a program together that will make you look like an angel for your client?  We would certainly love to partner with you as we have the answer!.. is able to quickly modify any of our service policies to suit any of your requirements.  We can guarantee cost savings and value immediately.

We do know that some of you have your own service technicians.  We are most certainly able to fully support their requirements and work with them. does not provide on-site repair service of any kind, and can be a great resource for your service technicians.  Whether it be to help them with advice, or help in diagnosing a problem to supplying the replacement lock cores and providing them with cut code keys to help them complete their service request quickly and efficiently.   Provide your techs with our contact information and we would be glad to be of service.  You will find that they will appreciate our service.  They can contact us at 416-936-5804, or  Your technicians can always search our website to look for Office Furniture Lock service parts that are available for quick purchase.  We are more than just replacement keys for Office Furniture, we can provide for Padlocks, Key Blanks, Key Machines, Key Cabinets, Electronic furniture locks, and Key accessories.  We are distributors for some great product manufacturers. Like CompX,  Chicago Lock, National Lock, Timberline Lock, Fort Lock, Hudson Lock, HPC, Kaba ILCO, MicroIQ, Wesko Lock, Cyber Lock, JMA USA, and Capitol Industries to name a few.

We do also know that some of your technicians have the ability to duplicate their own keys.  We are able to supply them with the uncut key blanks that they require that will help them get the job finished.  For those of you that are pondering doing it yourself, we do strongly say that you may think it is a cost savings, and we can prove to you that it isn’t when you look at the overall costs.  Feel free to contact us and we will show you why doing it yourself actually costs more, but if you are determined to do it yourself, we can supply you with the key machines (Ilco, or HPC), and or key blanks you require as we are an ILCO Distributor so we know we can provide the best pricing for you.

Why pay for outside vendors to cut replacement furniture keys? Your outside Vendors charge you their labour charge in addition to the cut key costs. We can guarantee quick turnaround times and this is all we do, so we are very efficient at it. Your outside vendors do on site service and can’t concentrate solely on facilitating these requests efficiently as they have other priorities like being on site for your repairs.  We guarantee your orders will ship the following business day.  100% guarantee for replacement keys.  We excel in our specialized service.  We generally complete requests for keys within hours of us receiving the order.  Our pricing for keys INCLUDE labour, and packaging and administrative costs.  We even have some great suggestions on how to save even further on shipping costs when controlled on a national basis.  Talk to us and we can tell you what we have done for others.

Please give us a call and let us know how we can create an ongoing mutually beneficial business partnership together.  Let us know how maybe we can set up a trial program for a couple of select locations in order for you to try our service and we can prove our value to you.  We make the annoying issue of replacement keys…. CONVENIENT.!!!

We are a busy shop which shows that we are doing things right! We are continually offering more product and new services and look forward to partnering with you.

When you look at the value we bring to the table, hands down you can’t beat what we can offer you. Let’s talk!

Give us a try you can’t lose.  For those of you who already use our services, we do appreciate referrals to other departments and peers!

The best way to reach us is by email at … lets talk!

How can we earn your business?  For those of you who already use our services, we thank you very much for your ongoing business and support!



Why use (2018)

Why Use

We offer a unique way for Government, Corporations, Businesses and just about anyone who has Office Furniture to deal with the ongoing requirement of getting replacement keys for their Office Furniture in a quick, easy and cost effective, environmentally friendly manner. We can address each of these areas quite simply.


All requests/orders for standard replacement keys are cut the same day we receive the request. (For orders placed before 2:00 PM Toronto time. We guarantee that for all the major Office Furniture Manufacturers products and that these keys will ship the following business day! For all established accounts and paid internet orders. Why wait for longer turnaround times for a simple thing of lost keys from your Furniture Supplier or Locksmith? We act on your order same day!  Usually your Furniture supplier has no clue as to the specifics of the locking systems or keys.  They are more focussed on selling you more furniture.


We make the process to place an order very easy. We are the ONLY internet based company in Canada that provides a complete SECURE e-commerce solution for you to be able to place orders and requests for replacement Office Furniture keys 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our website is very EASY to navigate and easy to find information. When in doubt, just drop us an email to and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Cost Effective

We are a very cost effective alternative to you being able to get replacement keys for ANY of the major Office Furniture Manufacturers products. We are adding information on some of the smaller regional players as we try to become your ONE STOP source for all of your requirements. We are also consistently adding new products to our site that we feel would benefit you. If there is something that you can’t find on our site that you want us to carry, or not sure if we carry it, please drop us an email at and we will do our best to help you find what it is you are looking for.

We offer discount programs for Government agencies, as well as Locksmiths and Office Furniture Dealers.  If you are part of one of these groups, please contact us and we will provide the information on the programs we offer.

Consider us as your business partner, and your Code Key shop to be able to provide for the replacement of keys. We do know and understand that you have your own vendors and service companies to provide for on-site service for repairs and maintenance, and that is great! We do not offer on-site service of any kind, but we can support and supply your service personnel with the keys and lock parts that they require. We will keep your costing consistent no matter where you are located. If there is a lock your vendor, or service personnel that they can’t work with, just have them simply send it to us and we will key and service it and ship it back to your personnel for installation. We are highly specialized in our Office Furniture Lock service. When you have us cut keys for you, we cut them on a computerized code machine thus ensuring that the keys are cut on the correct blank, as well as ensuring the accuracy of the cuts of the keys so that the keys work smoothly in the lock that they are intended. Since you really don’t need to pay for labour and service charges for your vendor to come in and cut the keys for you, we will obviously save you those costs. We do not charge labour to cut keys. Our labour costs are included in the cost of the key. By eliminating these costs to your organization, you are saving substantially. Of course if you have a faulty lock… call in your service company to do the repair. Since we are internet based we can ensure that your keys will cost you the same in British Columbia, Ontario, or the Maritimes, and even the United States. Why pay more when you don’t need to?  By using your key costs remain constant when you manage multiple facilities. There are so many ways we are saving your organization time and money which in turn makes us a very cost effective and value added service for you.

We have custom billing capabilities for those larger institutions to allow us to better fit with your current process solutions, and we have the ability to invoice to your requirements on approved accounts.

Environmentally Friendly

Where we are friendly to the environment is when you use us to provide for replacement keys instead of paying for a service company to come in and provide the service. Since, there is no service personnel that visit your site, there are no fuel charges, waiting time, parking tickets, parking expenses, wasted staff time from business watching and dealing with service personnel. We either use Canada Post for Mail, and FedEx for courier shipments. You probably already get a delivery from each of these sources daily, so we are sharing the environmental footprint.

Also if you are an American client, please note our pricing on our website is in Canadian dollars, so it is just like you getting a 30% discount without having to do anything. Currently $1.00 CDN is approximately $ 0.70 USD depending on the currency exchange rate.  We now show on all of our product pages the US Dollar equivalent of our Canadian Pricing to make it clearer for your to compare.

In 2016 we added Solar panels to our facility, so now a minimum of 60% of our electricity requirements for our service are provided by our newly installed solar panels!

We work with all End Users, Facility Personnel, Office Furniture Dealers, Office Furniture Installation Companies, Office Furniture Brokers, and Locksmiths, generally anyone who works on, with or around Office Furniture.

We are distributors for:

Capitol Industries

CompX Security Products

CompX Chicago Lock

CompX Fort Lock

CompX National Lock

CompX Timberline Lock

Cyber Lock

ESP Lock

Hudson Lock



Kaba Ilco

Lucky Line Products

MicroIQ Electronic Locks

Wesko Lock


Partner with us!

For all companies that Manage corporate assets and facilities for larger institutional or banking clients, Provincially or Nationally we can become a source to streamline your requirements for replacement Office Furniture Keys.  Also, for those of you who have your own on site and mobile techs we can be here to support them with the replacement parts and or components that they will require to service your client.  We are able to customize our program to suit your requirements and your clients needs. Let us prove our service to you!… Give us a try!

We also ensure that each and every key that ships from our office is marked with the appropriate corresponding lock number.

After all we are here to make it convenient for you. We recognize that your time is important, and you can concentrate on more important duties at your place of business. We are here to earn your business and look forward to hearing from you and look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship with all of our clients.

In addition to replacement code keys for Office Furniture, we provide replacement lock cores and housings as well.  We also provide for Electronic Cabinets locks, Key Storage Cabinets, Locksmith Tools, Key Machines, Padlocks, Key Blanks and Key Accessories.  We are adding new content daily to our site.  However, if you can’t find something that you would like for us to provide for you we most certainly encourage you to contact us and we will see it we can make that specific product available for you.

We recently made some investments into our website to increase speed and functionality of our website.  We are growing and adding new content and many new features and capabilities.

We are always looking for ways of improving our services and developing new business partnerships.  If you aren’t already a client, we encourage you to try our service for yourself.  We always appreciate your business and aim to please.

We thank you, and look forward to servicing your needs and value you as a Partner and a Client!

How can we earn your business?




2018 Enhancements

Hello to all of our great customers!

We at wanted to do our first quick post of 2018 and hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Over the Holidays and just recently finished, we have done some major investments to our website to improve our clients experiences when shopping at

We have updated our shopping cart to the most recent version.

We have increased our server capacity to allow a higher bandwidth, and faster server response times.  We will be looking at additional enhancements throughout the year to continue adding speed, options and features, so keep an eye out.


By doing these enhancements will make your online experience with a greater experience!


We have been implementing a new ticket system for inquiries and should anyone have any questions, or inquiries to an existing please send an email to


As we get back to work here in 2018, we are committed to offering great customer service and we will work diligently to earn your business.  We are excited to see what 2018 brings.  We will be investing in increasing the content available to you based on your feedback and inquiries.  We have awesome suppliers and if there is something specific that you want us to order in from any of our vendor partners that is currently not on our website, please contact us directly.  We can always order product in.

Let us know how we can earn your business!

Wishing everyone a great 2018!

Black Friday 2017 Sale

From Today until November 30, 2017, will offer an additional 10% discount on all Parts orders from the following suppliers with a minimum $100.00 spend:


CCL Security Products

CompX Timberline


Hudson Lock

Lucky Line Products

Wesko Lock


The Coupon Code is “BlackFriday17”

This additional discount is only applicable when you have a purchase of a minimum of $100.00 Canadian before shipping and can be any combination of products listed from these manufacturers.  Only for orders placed through our website using the Coupon Code until end of day on November 30, 2017.

Thank you for your ongoing business and support!



Happy Thanksgiving is wishing all of our American clients and business partners, a safe, fun and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We thank you for all of your ongoing business and support.




ILCO Key Blank Pricing

We would like to advise that all of our ILCO regular key blank pricing for 2018 has been revised and has been reduced and the reductions in pricing have been implemented effective immediately.  Please visit our ILCO Key Blanks under the Key Blank section of our website for all details and pricing.



Dealer Program – Revised

This week we revised our Dealer Program for Locksmiths, Office Furniture Dealers, and Office Furniture installation and repair companies.  For those of you who are registered on our program, you would have received an email outlining the changes.

We have broken our program in to 2 different pricing structures and (Dealer Program – Standard, and Dealer Program – Enhanced) .  Each program is based on total monthly dollar spend.  If you aren’t registered and would like more information about our program(s), please contact us by email for more information at and we will gladly update you on our program(s) and show how we can be a great resource for you.

We look forward to being of service!



Happy Thanksgiving 2017


We wanted to take a moment to wish each of our Clients and Business Partners a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving long weekend.  We will be Closed on Monday October 9, 2017 for this holiday. We will be back to our normal office schedule on Tuesday October 10, 2017.

We thank you for your ongoing business and support @!

We truly appreciate it!