Postal Strike Possibly Looming?

Postal Strike Possibly Looming?

To all of our valued clients.  As you are aware that there is a very good possibility that Canada Post will be on Strike or a Lockout position on July 2, 2016.  We are very hopeful to you that this does not happen, however we do have to have a plan in place and notify you how we are potentially changing our shipping.  Currently we do allow small key orders to have the option of mail delivery.

If Canada Post does stop service, we will immediately disable the mail option for shipping and the only method of shipment that would be available to both our US Clients and Canadian Clients will be our FedEx ground shipping option.  (all parts and components and product already strictly ship FedEx.)  If we have to disable the mail shipping option, we will do a further post on our news feed on advising that we have done so.

We do strongly recommend that after July 1, 2016 that clients DO NOT choose the mail shipping option until the potential strike action is settled.  If strike action hasn’t happened on July 2, 2016 we will still have the option for clients, but we will not accept responsibility on orders stuck in the mail system, so please if you don’t want your mail shipments caught in the mail, please choose our FedEx ground option.  It is much faster and you will receive a tracking number.  We find that Canada Post takes too long to ship our mail anyway.

We do hope that there is no disruption in mail service, but this is certainly out of our control.  We hope that there is a quick resolution to this labour dispute.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!



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