HPC-TRU-99 Truarc Pliers

HPC-TRU-99 Truarc Pliers

HPC-TRU-99 Truarc Pliers

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Truarc Ring Pliers
Also known as snap rings, retaining rings or circlips, Truarc Rings are found on lock cylinders and other mechanical assemblies and are available in two formats, internal and external. To remove or install these rings you need a compressing tool to reduce the diameter of internal rings and a spreading tool to enlarge the diameter of external rings. Whether the ring is an internal or external, as well as the size of the ring and the size of the holes will depend on the application. The best pliers will accommodate both internal and external rings in a wide range of sizes and have multiple tips for the various hole diameters.


With a simple slide of a switch, the Convertible Truarc Pliers quickly and easily convert from ring compressor (for internal rings) to ring spreader (for external rings). These pliers feature comfort grip handles and an adjustable stop that limits the jaw opening for both external and internal operation. They can be used on internal rings in sizes of .25 to 1-inch (6.5 to 26 mm): and on external rings in sizes of .125 to 1-inch (3 to 26 mm). They come with 5 pairs of interchangeable tips in 3 different sizes, including 2 90o-angle sets for use when clearance to the ring is limited, all packed in a plastic carrying case.



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HPC HPC-TRU-99 Truarc Pliers

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