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Futura Auto Automotive Key Machine

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The electronic key cutting machine with one cutting station and two interchangeable clamps for duplicating and originating all types of automotive keys, including heavy trucks and motorcycles. Additional keys used for gas cap locks, glove boxes and roof racks are also included in the database.


Controlled by a removable 10” (254mm) touch-screen tablet, the Futura Auto guides the user step-by-step in all key cutting operations making it the perfect machine for those just getting into the automotive locksmith business or the seasoned professionals offering roadside services.




User friendly software with step-by-step instructions
Fast key search – simply enter Make/Model/Year and the software guides you through the process
Details include a cutter holder, tool/accessory holder on top of the machine
The color-changing LED lights help the operator to immediately see the process status:
• white – machine is ready to proceed
• yellow – machine is in the process of cutting the key,
• green – key cutting is complete, and it is safe to raise the safety shield.
Wi-Fi link between machine and tablet or the user can tether the tablet directly to the machine.
Equipped with two USB ports on the back of the machine; one for tablet recharge and one for the tethering connection so the machine and tablet remain connected and operational even when the Wi-Fi connection is lost or unstable. The second USB port can also be used to connect the supplied USB flash drive to import code tables or machine software updates.
Step-by-step instructions for updating machine software.
Software Interface with Instacode® and Kreate-AKey™


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