ILCO Futura Line Key Machine Clamps and Jaws

ILCO Futura Line Key Machine Clamps and Jaws

ILCO Futura Line Key Machine Clamps and Jaws

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ILCO Futura Line Key Machine Clamps and Jaws


Special ordered product.  Minimum 4 week lead time.


ILCO Item Number:           Description:

BJ0949xxxx – Clamp 01R Lazer/Dimple
BJ0951xxxx – Clamp 02R Tubular
BJ0953xxxx – Clamp 03R Ford Tibbe®
BJ1263xxxx – Clamp 05R Kaba
BJ0950xxxx – Clamp 01V Flat Keys
BJ0952xxxx – Clamp 02V Assa
BJ1025xxxx – Clamp 03V Winkhaus
BJ1026xxxx – Clamp 04V Pfaffenhain
BJ1037xxxx – Clamp 05V Doom
BJ1294xxxx – Clamp 06V Best
BJ0961xxxx – Jaw 01J
BJ0962xxxx – Jaw 02J
BJ0964xxxx – Jaw 04J (BMW/Marcedes)
BJ0965xxxx – Jaw 05J
BJ0966xxxx – Jaw 06J
BJ1038xxxx – Jaw 07J
BJ1039xxxx – Jaw 08J
BJ0967xxxx – Jaw 09J
BJ0968xxxx – Jaw 10J
BJ0969xxxx – Jaw 11J
BJ0970xxxx – Jaw 12J
BJ0971xxxx – Jaw 13J
BJ1040xxxx – Jaw 14J
BJ1041xxxx – Jaw 15J
BJ1042xxxx – Jaw 16J
BJ1043xxxx – Jaw 17J
BJ1044xxxx – Jaw 18J
BJ0976xxxx – Jaw 19J For Audi/Ford/Porche/VW (Lazer)
BJ1045xxxx – Jaw 20J
BJ1046xxxx – Jaw 21J
BJ1047xxxx – Jaw 22J
BJ1048xxxx – Jaw 23J
BJ1049xxxx – Jaw 24J
BJ1050xxxx – Jaw 25J
BJ1051xxxx – Jaw 26J
BJ1052xxxx – Jaw 27J
BJ1053xxxx – Jaw 28J
BJ1054xxxx – Jaw 29J
BJ1055xxxx – Jaw 30J
BJ1056xxxx – Jaw 31J
BJ1057xxxx – Jaw 32J
BJ1058xxxx – Jaw 33J
BJ1059xxxx – Jaw 34J
BJ1060xxxx – Jaw 35J
BJ1061xxxx – Jaw 36J
BJ1062xxxx – Jaw 37J
BJ1063xxxx – Jaw 38J
BJ1064xxxx – Jaw 39J
BJ1065xxxx – Jaw 40J
BJ1066xxxx – Jaw 41J
BJ1067xxxx – Jaw 42J
BJ1068xxxx – Jaw 43J
BJ1069xxxx – Jaw 44J
BJ1070xxxx – Jaw 45J
BJ1071xxxx – Jaw 46J
BJ1072xxxx – Jaw 47J
BJ1073xxxx – Jaw 48J
BJ1074xxxx – Jaw 49J
BJ1075xxxx – Jaw 50J
BJ1076xxxx – Jaw 51J
BJ1077xxxx – Jaw 52J
BJ1078xxxx – Jaw 53J
BJ1079xxxx – Jaw 54J
BJ1080xxxx – Jaw 55J
BJ1258xxxx – Jaw 56J
BJ1259xxxx – Jaw 57J
BJ1260xxxx – Jaw 58J
BJ1261xxxx – Jaw 59J
BJ1261xxxx – Jaw 60J
BJ1262xxxx – Jaw 61J
BJ1265xxxx – Jaw 64J
BJ1268xxxx – Jaw 65J

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2020 Automotive and Truck Key Blank Reference

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