Knoll K Series Lock Core

$12.00 each

$9.45 each

US Dollar price is approximate and is shown for reference only. All orders are charged in Canadian Dollars.

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Knoll K Series Lock Core – Black


This lock core includes 1 Key


When you choose a single core we will choose the lock number at random from our stock.  If you choose multiple quantities of a single core, we will ship you cores that are keyed different.


For Keyed Alike Groups, please choose a quantity of how many cores you would like in a keyed alike group (we will randomly choose  the lock number from our stock).


For Example:


If you want 1 group of 3 cores.  Choose 3 cores, and then choose quantity 1.  If you want 2 sets of 3 cores, Choose 3 cores then choose a quantity of 2.  We will ensure you receive 2 different groups of 3 cores with a random number from our stock.


Specific Numbered Cores:


In the drop down menu we show the Core numbers that we maintain an inventory of for purchase.


Should you require a larger keyed alike group, or specific keying, please email us directly at and we will accomodate your request.