Timberline Double Door Latch

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CompX Timberline Double Door Latch

Available in Black or White

Factory Part Numbers / Our Part Number

DL-200/PT-CPX – DL200

DL-200-W/PT-CPX – DL200W

DL-300/PT-CPX – DL300

DL-300-W/PT-CPX – DL-300W


Order 25 or more of this item, receive an additional 5% discount.


No need to reach inside cabinet to release elbow catch

  • Doors can be closed in any order
  • Low profile Latch mechanism reduces product footprint inside cabinet
  • Requires use of a single lock (sold separately)
  • Allows two or three point locking for standard or wardrobe style double door cabinets when used with a lock
  • Easy to use and install
  • Exceeds pull force above 150lbs
  • Available in black or white finish

CompX Timberline Double Door Latch part numbers CompX Timberline Double Door Latch part numbers: DL-200 (black finish: lock on right door and top mount kit, lock on left door and bottom mount kit), DL-300 (black finish: lock on right door and bottom mount kit, lock on left door and top mount kit), DL-200-W (white finish: lock on right door and top mount kit, lock on left door and bottom mount kit), DL-300-W (white finish: lock on right door and bottom mount kit, lock on left door and top mount kit)


How it works:

Eliminates the need for an elbow catch, or other devices, and allows hardware to be installed out of the way.
Example: DL-200 with lock (sold separately) on right hand door.
The lock is mounted on the right hand door. Inside the right hand door, install the activator; on the non-locking door, install the catch.

The latch should be installed inside top of cabinet. The activator pushes the bolt on the latch to the other side to engage the catch. The bolt on the catch side is spring-loaded, allowing the doors to be closed in any order.

Turn the key to lock the other door; both doors are now secure. The locking door must be opened first to disengage the bolt in the latch – the bolt will slide back, allowing the non-locking door (with the catch) to open.

How to order:

  1. Determine location of lock — right hand or left hand
  2. Decide where latch is needed — top or bottom mount
  3. Choose color — black or white

CompX Timberline Double Door Latch

Each kit comes with complete installation instructions. Instructions are also available online: compx.com/instructions


Note: For cabinets taller than 48″ it is recommended to use both top and bottom mount latches.


To watch a small video, please visit www.compx.com/ddl


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