Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core – Nickel

Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core – Nickel

Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core - Nickel

Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core – Nickel

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Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core – Nickel


Core has Wesko Horseshoe driver.

1 Lock core includes 2 keys.


Keyed to Change Key CK-580


Other Known Applications:



Wesko Lock


Specific Numbered Cores:


In the drop down menu we show the Core numbers that we maintain an inventory of for purchase or choose randomly keyed different.


Should you require a larger keyed alike group, please email us directly at info@officekeys.ca and we will accomodate your request.

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When you choose a random single core we will choose the lock number at random from our stock. If you choose multiple quantities of a random single core, we will ship you cores that are keyed different.


For Keyed Alike Groups, please choose a quantity of how many cores you would like in a keyed alike group (we will randomly choose the lock number from our stock).


For Example:
If you want 1 group of 3 cores. Choose 3 cores, and then choose quantity 1. If you want 2 sets of 3 cores, Choose 3 cores then choose a quantity of 2. We will ensure you receive 2 different groups of 3 cores with a random number from our stock, or feel free to choose any of the stocked cores in the drop down menu.


Should you have any questions or need help, please email us directly at support@officekeys.ca and we will do our best to help.


Did you know what we do have discounts to Government Agencies? (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Police, Fire, Ambulance, State, College and Universities.)

We also have a discount program for Locksmiths, Office Furniture Dealers, Office Furniture Repair and Service Companies and Cabinet Makers.

Please contact us directly at support@officekeys.ca to find out more specific details of either our Government or Dealer program!


Wesko ILCO Number Series (501-700) Lock Core – Nickel


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