Loyalty Rewards Program

We would like to announce that OfficeKeys.ca has a new points reward program effective immediately. Please refer to this page for all information related to our Rewards program.

Here are the details:

  • You will collect 1 point per dollar spent on OfficeKeys.ca on all standard product purchases.
  • Code Keys are NOT Eligible for points collection. – Parts, locks and everything else qualifies.
  • To collect points you MUST have a Client membership account. – Guest accounts don’t qualify
  • Only for orders paid and placed through OfficeKeys.ca
  • Billing accounts do not collect points
  • Points balances expire after 12 Months
  • Points can ONLY be redeemed after you have collected a minimum Canadian dollar value of $250.00 and can only be applied on any single order over $500.00
  • Product BONUS points will ONLY be advertised in our daily Newsletter, so please sign up and claim the bonus points. There will be lots of opportunities for points bonuses!
  • You can see your points activity on your account page under “My Points”
  • Special Ordered Products do not collect points.
  • All rewards are automatically added to your account based on cart conditions. When you have reached the redemption requirements your shopping cart will automatically show you how to redeem and you can choose the value of your points to redeem.

We created this program to offer you additional rewards on specific products that are purchased from any of our vendor partners. We are revising our daily newsletter to show what products have bonus points available on that day. We highly recommend taking the time to read our daily newsletter. If you are not subscribed, we highly encourage you to subscribe. This program is over an above any pricing incentives that you may have.

We reserve the right to change and modify this program at any time.

Should you have any questions, regarding our new points program please drop us an email at support@officekeys.ca and we would be glad to answer your specific questions.

We do thank you for your ongoing support and business.