Shipping Policies


For our Canadian Clients and American Clients.

All product orders will always ship via a trackable shipping option.  Both UPS ( United Parcel Service, AND Canada Post) are both fully integrated within our website, so once you add your shipping address in the shopping cart your available shipping options from either carrier and will show as well as the costs associated with same.  Just choose the one that best suits your needs.  Do not use a PO Box for shipping.

We have a Postal Snail Mail shipping option.  This option is ONLY available on orders 6 keys and less and NO products for Canadian Orders ONLY,  AND is only allowed on guest accounts.  Any clients that are on any of our membership programs this shipping option is NOT available to and will never be offered.  This option was geared for small home based businesses and family clients.  This is Canada Post oversize mail and this can take anywhere up to 35 BUSINESS days.  This option is NOT Trackable (as stated in the choices upon checkout).  Please don’t call us to follow up on these orders. does NOT recommend using this option.  We do not accept responsibility for lost mail.

We now have Free Standard Shipping for product orders.  (If your order qualifies, the Free Shipping Option will show on the Checkout Page for you to select)

– For an Order To Qualify for Free Standard Shipping, orders must:

  • Orders Shipping within Canada – Must be a minimum of $350.00 Canadian Dollars
  • Orders Shipping to the United States – Must be a minimum of $350.00 Canadian Dollars
  • Free Standard Shipping is now available for all product categories and now includes code keys and key blanks. Effective August 25, 2022.
  • Free Standard Shipping is only available to products ordered on
  • Special Order Product is NOT included
  • Client is always responsible for choosing the free shipping option at checkout if your order qualifies. – Cannot be changed after order entry.
  • Free Shipping Threshold reduced from $400.00 to $350.00 effective July 13, 2022

If you are a client in the United States Snail Mail is NOT available as a a shipping option.  Your cheapest shipping option will be United Parcel Service or Canada Post Trackable. ALL shipments to the United States MUST be by a trackable shipment, but if your order is $350.00 CDN or greater, you can now have free shipping.

Shipping pricing and Rates!

Please remember, shipping is fully integrated with our website. ALL shipping options and costing will appear on the final checkout cart page and you would need to select the option and price that is suitable to you. ALL shipping options will ONLY appear in the shopping cart ONCE you put a valid shipping address in the shopping cart. This is an automated process and does not use shipping as a profit center. Shipping rates are provided directly from the Vendor. does NOT guarantee shipping times, or carrier exceptions however caused. We will however try and get any shipping issues resolved with the Carrier, but we will not credit based on a shipping timeline. We will not credit or apply for a credit if deems that the shipping time is reasonable.

Can I ship on my account?

No!…. Our shipping process is automated and fully integrated with our website. We don’t do this as you are asking to turn our automated process into an manual process and takes additional time. Your shipping choices and rates are clearly listed in the checkout process by the subtotal for you to choose upon checkout!

Follow up to orders/requests.

If you have ordered and need to follow up, please email us at, or you can also create a ticket within your account and we will be glad to help you.

Please also understand that due to the Covid19 pandemic, that NONE of the transportation partners are guaranteeing their shipments for time based.  They will get there, but all agencies have their own transportation policies.

Back Orders – Shipping policy

On orders for items that we normally stock.   If an order is placed and we happen to be out of stock, or have partial inventory.  We will ship you what we have via the method of shipment you have chosen on your original order.  The back ordered item(s) will automatically ship once the replenished inventory comes in.  However, we will NOT charge an additional shipping fee.  As we do strive to maintain adequate inventory we will not penalize a client for something we do not have in stock.  We try and clear up our back orders as soon as we can.

Claims for lost shipments!

All claims for lost shipments MUST be made within 14 days from day of shipment – No exceptions and this applies to trackable shipments. After 14 days claims cannot be made for any reason. We will be happy to open a ticket with Canada Post if your shipment hasn’t arrived on time or there is an issue.

Claims for shipments sent via “Oversize Mail” are not accepted as there is a disclaimer at time of order.

Is your order being returned to us as non deliverable?

Please understand that accepts NO responsibility on the correct addressing of shipments.  (This includes missing unit numbers, suite numbers, postal codes, or any information that is required to deliver your item(s).  Our processes are automated here and the shipping information on all orders is entered by our clients.  We ship to the address that was entered by YOU, when the order was originally placed.

99% of our orders ship via a courier method, either Canada Post, or UPS.  Usually both carriers do their best to complete their shipments, but if they deem that it is undeliverable, they will return the order to us.  When we do receive a return we always will contact the client to work with them to get their order delivered.  However, it is the customers responsibility for the extra charges from the couriers to us, AND the return shipment costs.

If an item has been returned we do know that in most cases, the carrier has tried multiple times to deliver.  However, Canada Post is the worst… if it’s not right the first time they just automatically return.  As the couriers treat the returns as non deliverable… they do take time to get back to us.  They are not priority shipments for the carriers.  However, if your tracking says it is being returned, it will eventually get back to us, but not overnight so expect delays.

Can you use your own shipping courier account – NO! – Our shipping platform is automated and we ship ONLY on our accounts. Available shipping methods and costing will appear on the final checkout page for you to choose with accurate costs.

We reserve the right to use any other shipping method to substitute as an alternative if we feel another vendor is more suited to a shipment.