Tax Exemptions

Tax Exemptions

For those of you who are eligible for Tax Exemptions. We do know for the past while in some cases that the formatting for exemptions were not 100% on email and order notifications However, the calculations were correct for payments.

We are happy to say that this is 100% fixed now, so when a client is approved for an exemption all of the associated email notifications will now clearly reflect the charges and exemptions.

If you are an exempt client and notice that you need the exemption reapplied to your account, please send us an email to BEFORE an order is placed so me can ensure your order is accurate.

It is always the clients responsibility to notify us of an exemption. We will ONLY allow exemptions on clients that are subscribed to one of our membership programs.

We can finally put this issue to bed.

Thank you all for your business and support.

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