Updated Shipping Rates

Updated Shipping Rates

We would like to advise that after 5 years with no rate or policy changes as it relates to the shipping of our products, we have revisited and adjusted our shipping rates and policies.  We have found that after reviewing all of our shipping rates we have absorbed 2 Postal Increases, as well as 3 increases by FedEx.  We do understand that shipping is a cost and when we reviewed all of our policies, we wanted to take the extra time to make our shipping more fair, and easy to navigate no matter where you are located.

All of our shipping rates are clearly posted on the How it Works page of our website and will be reviewed January and July of every year going forward.


What changes have actually been made?  We will explain here our main changes for you.


Previously all of our products were categorized into 4 different shipping classes and if a client purchased one item of each class, the shipping rates would be added together.  NOW, we have reduced the shipping categories to 1!.  This will lower many of our clients shipping costs with this change.  It will now allow you (our client) to purchase cross category without the added expense of additional shipping charges on your orders. (This is the most significant change and will save many clients substantially)

We want to say that our Base Canadian Postal Mail rates are unchanged.  United States Postal Mail orders have a very slight increase due to the policies being enforced at the customs border for envelopes with keys within them.  We have changed that ONLY orders of 30 or less keys and or key blanks will be allowed to have a Postal Mail option.

Also, all key orders above 30 keys and ANY product will only ship FedEx ground, or Priority shipping by Canada Post to ensure all outbound orders can be tracked. (this policy has not changed)

Here in Canada, we have broken the shipping rates for our FedEx shipping into several different groupings based on your Provincial location.  British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and The Northern Canadian Territories.  This only applies to the FedEx rates.

We have allowed FREE shipping on all orders OVER $400.00 in all locations in both Canada and the United States.  The only exception is Free Shipping is not offered in the Northern Canadian Territories.  So to further save on shipping, make sure your order is over $400.00 (you need to choose this option if it available to you in your shipping options)

For clients who want to use their own FedEx ground account, the option is available.  Just follow the prompts and place your account number in the field upon the checkout screen.  We do charge a convenience fee to cover our processing time, but we have also reduced it from $3.50 to $2.99 per order.  If you prefer to save on shipping by using your own FedEx account we most certainly encourage you to do so as we make it easy for you.

Our shopping cart will automatically adjust the shipping rates based on both your location as well as the cart contents.

We thank you for your continued business and support as we most certainly appreciate your business and look forward to being of service for the years to come!



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