What’s new @ OfficeKeys.ca

Just wanted to take a moment to post some of what is new @ OfficeKeys.ca, from site features, to content, as at August 2019.

Recently we have added a whole new Automotive section on our website. You can find this section “Automotive” under the main product category list on the left side of your page. When you click on the “+” to the right of the category name there will be a series of sub categories to look under and better organize the content.

In our Automotive section, you will find Automotive Transponders, Automotive Transponder Keys, ILCO Look Alike Vehicle Remotes, ILCO Look Alike Remote Head Keys. As this is a new section, we are adding content daily, so please check back often. Currently there are a lot of new Automotive products being added from KABA ILCO, so look for them.

As we update our Automotive section, our site search capabilities have increased, so now for example you can search by vehicle manufacturer and it will show the items that are identified as such. So try searching, Ford, Chrysler, etc.

We have ramped up by adding more content than ever before in all categories from all of our valued suppliers. We just want to mention that if there is a specific product you are looking for from any of our suppliers that isn’t listed on our website, we are most certainly able to order it in for you. We would treat it as a special order and add it to our next stocking order with that supplier. Also, if there is a specific product that you would regularly order and would like it to be a stocked item for your convenience, please let us know and we would be glad to make it available for quicker shipping to you.

Over the summer, we have pretty much updated all of our site back end processes, searches and infrastructure, so you will find that our site is responding faster and with new options.

We have also been looking at our shipping costs and we have slightly lowered our shipping rates to make it more attractive for you. Canada Post and United Parcel Service, are both FULLY integrated within our website to offer the most convenience in the shipping of our products. Once you add your shipping address to the shopping cart, your shipping rates and options will then appear from both carriers and you can choose the rate and option that you prefer.

Some of you may have noticed that we have automated our shopping cart as well, for abandonment reminders. So you will see reminders if you have left something in the shopping cart and not ordered. These are just friendly reminders.

We also have automated our welcome emails. So, if any client is added to any one of our membership programs, a welcome email is sent depending on the program and it is a 1 time email with specifics on the program that you have been added to.

We also are reviewing our pricing on most products and many items have had their retail pricing reduced. We are always looking at ways to be able to offer value to our clients including pricing.

In our code key section, if there is a specific lock code that you are looking for keys and don’t find it, please contact us and if we have access to the blank and cutting information, we would be more than happy to add this code series to our site database, for your ordering convenience.

This year, we did implement a new customer support email address, support@officekeys.ca and we highly encourage ALL clients to contact us there. When you email there, a case is automatically created for us to be able to better service the request.

We do anticipate a very busy fall season this year with all of our improvements, and want to take a moment to thank you our client for all the support you have given us over the years. It is very appreciated as we continue to grow our company.

Please check our site often for updates and new products and of course we appreciate any referrals you can provide. Our main service area is North America, (Canada and the United States), and yes we can handle clients from 1 person, to national clients.



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