Why Use OfficeKeys.ca ?

Why Use OfficeKeys.ca ?


Why Use OfficeKeys.ca


We offer a unique way for Government, Corporations, Businesses and just about anyone who has Office Furniture to deal with the ongoing requirement of getting replacement keys for their Office Furniture in a quick, easy and cost effective, environmentally friendly manner.  We can address each of these areas quite simply.



All requests/orders for replacement keys are cut the same day we receive the request.  We guarantee that for all the major Office Furniture Manufacturers products and that these keys will ship the following business day!  For all established accounts and paid internet orders.



We make the process to place an order very easy.  We are the ONLY company in Canada that provides a complete SECURE e-commerce solution for you to be able to place orders and requests for replacement Office Furniture keys 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Our website is EASY to navigate and easy to find information.  When in doubt, just drop us an email to info@officekeys.ca and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.


Cost Effective

We are a very cost effective alternative to you being able to get replacement keys for ANY of the major Office Furniture Manufacturers products. We are adding information on some of the smaller regional players as we try to become your ONE STOP source for all of your requirements.


Consider us as your business partner to be able to provide for the replacement of keys.  We do know you have your own vendors and service companies to provide for on-site service for repairs and maintenance.  We do not offer on-site service of any kind.  We are highly specialized in our service.  When you have us cut keys for you, we cut them on a computerized code machine thus ensuring that the keys are cut on the correct blank, as well as ensuring the accuracy of the cuts of the keys so that the keys work smoothly in the lock that they are intended.  Since you really don’t need to pay for labour and service charges for your vendor to come in and cut the keys for you, we will obviously save you those costs.  We do not charge labour to cut keys.  Our labour costs are included in the cost of the key.  By eliminating these costs to your organization, you are saving substantially.  Of course if you have a faulty lock… call in your service company to do the repair.  Since we are internet based we can ensure that your keys will cost you the same in British Columbia, Ontario, or the Maritimes.  Why pay more when you don’t need to.  By using OfficeKeys.ca your key costs remain constant when you manage multiple facilities.  There are so many ways we are saving your organization time and money which in turn makes us a very cost effective and value added service for you.


We have custom billing capabilities for those larger institutions to allow us to better fit with your current process solutions.


Environmentally Friendly


Where we are friendly to the environment is when you use us to provide for replacement keys instead of paying for a service company to come in and provide the service.  Since there is no service personnel that visit your site, there are no fuel charges, waiting time, parking tickets, parking expenses, wasted staff time from business watching and dealing with service personnel.  We either use Canada Post for Mail, and FedEx for courier shipments.  You probably already get a delivery from each of these sources daily, so we are sharing the environmental footprint.


Also if you are an American client, please note our pricing on our website is in Canadian dollars so It is just like you getting a 20-25% discount without having to do anything.  Currently $1.00 CDN is approximately $ 0.75 USD depending on the currency exchange rate.


After all we are here to make it convenient for you.  This way you can concentrate on more important duties at your place of business.  We are here to earn your business and look forward to hearing from you.

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